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    July Bookish Photo Challenge – Day 24 – 31

    English Nederlands English Last part of the July Bookish Photo Challenge! I made this last week hard for myself. Making myself photograph book recommendations, book stack poems and a fricking selfie. I…

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    A Bookish Photo Challenge

    English Nederlands English Yes, it’s time for a new photo challenge! I already did a photo a day challenge back in January. Although I didn’t really finish it (turns out doing challenges…

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    27 in 27 – Wrap up

    For the last couple of years on my birthday I’ve made a birthday list with things I want to realize in the coming 365 days. As of today I’m a year older,…

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    Printable Bookmarks

    English Nederlands English In my last July Bookish Photo Challenge update I showed a couple of bookmarks I made myself. I thought it be a cool idea to make them available as…

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    27 in 27 list

    English Nederlands English On Saturday I turned 27 and like every year I make a list of things I want to accomplish in the next 365 days. Because I wanted to focus…

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    What I’ve read: 8 quick book reviews

    English Nederlands English I read quite some books these past months, but I never got to writing about them. Discussing all of those books in one post would be overkill, so I’m…