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  • Internship at Esign // Stage bij Esign

    Last Week [15]

    English Nederlands English Wooow, it’s been ages since I wrote a Last Week post! I was planning on giving an update since the last Last Week post, because I thought it hadn’t…

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    School Projects [06]

    English Nederlands English Exams are finished and the results have been announced. I didn’t pass everything, but it wasn’t a complete surprise. I didn’t pass my Graphic Design II course which means…

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    School Projects [5]

    This was een assignment for LODO (lay-out & digital formatting). We had to make an advertorial for a tearoom. The text was provided to us and we were free to use whatever…

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    School Projects [4]

    It’s been a while since my last school projects update. Of course, I blame what seems like a million assignments we’ve got in the past weeks and months. I’m working very hard…

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    School Projects [3]

    Even tough I’m in the middle of my Easter break, school is never completely out of my mind. While working on new school assignments it’s never a bad idea to look back.…

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    School Projects [2]

    I’m really hoping I’m not boring you guys too much with all my school project updates, but since we have a lot of assignments, I have a lot of updating to do.…