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  • My favourite animated movies

    My favourite animated movies

    Most of us watch animated movies when we’re kids and then, at some point in life, I feel like watching animated movies is suddenly deemed ‘childish’.  Unless, like me, you grew up…

  • July Favourites
    Personal, Tips

    July favourites

    It’s already the end of August and I’m just now posting my July favourites. It doesn’t make them any less my favourites though. I drew them during my 30 day creativity challenge,…

  • My Favourite Podcast
    Blogging, Tips

    My favourite podcasts

    Last year I discovered the joy of listening to audio books. Being able to get lost in a story while you can still do things like cook, clean your house or drive…

  • BookTube
    Books, Tips

    My 6 Favourite Booktubers

    English Nederlands English I’ve been watching BookTube for about a year now and I thinks it’s high time I shared my favourite booktubers with you! For the readers who don’t know what…