Sunday Scribbles

Sunday Scribbles

Hi there! And welcome to the first ever (and maybe the last) edition of Sunday Scribbles.

I’ve blogged for a long time (probably close to ten years). I used different platforms, different names, but my blog always was a lifestyle blog. Once upon I time, I filled my screen with musings about how all the girls at the bus station seemed to wear the same outfit. Or how a fat guy chose to sit on part of my lap, even though there was a free seat in front of me. Or even how you can commit “social suicide” by wearing socks in sandals. I once wrote a post about how the boys I fell in love with always had a girlfriend already. And then wrote a follow-up post about how that particular guy actually didn’t have a girlfriend, but he had now (and still has, although I still don’t call him by his name on this blog).

Those were very personal posts and, if you ask me, they were also quite humorous. Along the way I decided to put that part of my writing away and focus more on DIY’s, crafts, books,… because those are the things I actually like reading on other blogs.

Sunday Scribbles
The last year(s) I’ve been in this permanent state of “blog identity crisis”. For the life of me, I can’t figure out what the fuck I want from this blog, from this hobby. I like writing though, because I keep coming back to it and not writing this blogs always makes me feel miserable. But. There is always the “but”. I don’t get the same amount of joy from it that I used too. Especially when I think back to my original writing, which still brings a smile to my face (or rather, a dorky grin). I’m not sure I can get back to the way I wrote before, because I’m not the same person any more. In ten years a lot of things have happened, both good and bad, and sometimes I feel like I lost the “fun” part of me.

A lot has to do with insane amounts of fear and self-doubt. I often feel like I’m stagnating. That’s part of the reason I want to do my birthday lists every year (and it’s also part of the reason I fail miserably). Anyway, all this, quite depressing talk, leads me to this: I need to be more “me” on this blog. I want to stop pressuring myself in doing what seems to be needed to create a popular blog. I just need to write, and have fun (which is one of the things I was thinking about when I made my 28 in 28 list, so this post might’ve been a long time coming).

Sunday Scribbles

So, (reaching the point I wanted to make!) instead of publishing the “Last Week” posts, where I brush over my life lightly, I’m thinking about switching this up to “Sunday Scribbles”. I’d love to write in a more informal way about whatever, both good and bad, and maybe share some fun things I came across during the week (songs, videos, interesting tidbits). It’ll be a weekly newsletter, on the blog (because, yes, I’ve been thinking about starting a newsletter, but let’s face it, I’m not keeping up with this blog, so why would I want to put extra things on my plate?).

The question is, of course, would you guys actually like to read something like this? Let me know in the comments below (or on social media) and tell me what you think (or tell me to man up and get over myself 😉 ).

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Book review Creatief Handletteren en Meer
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Book review: Creatief Handletteren & Meer (give-away)

A while back I noticed the book Creatief Handletteren & Meer online. As I’m very interested in drawing and lettering, my interest was peeked. I asked the publisher if they would sent me a copy in exchange for an honest review and they did me one better. They sent me a copy to review and two extra copies to give away to my readers. Which is you! So without further ado, let me tell you about Creatief Handletteren & meer (available in English as Creative Lettering and Beyond).


Upon first opening Creatief Handletteren & meer

Creatief Handletteren & meer exists of four different parts, all written by different authors. Each author has her own lettering speciality to talk about. The first part is about traditional calligraphy, the second about illustrating letters. Next up is a chapter about chalk board letters and last is a chapter about creative lettering techniques. The difference in authors is really noticeable between each chapter, as they all have different materials they use and a different way to illustrate their chapter.

Having this many authors and subjects in a quite short book (144p) means every author only has a small space to talk about her subject. Some information also gets repeated by a couple of the authors, while they leave a lot of other information untouched. This makes this book a short and inspiring introduction to lettering, but don’t expect a lot of in dept information.


The book is translated from English (originally titled: Creative Lettering and Beyond). One thing that bugged me a bit in the Dutch translation, was the formal way it was translated. It made it difficult to distinguish the individual voices of the authors. I wouldn’t have mind a more loose and less formal translation. Luckily enough the illustrations make up for this. (I also don’t know whether the book is also written this way in the original English.)

Apart from lots of illustrations and pictures the book also has practice pages, where you can (you guessed it) practice your lettering. I really like that they added this. When you’re not yet fully equipped for lettering you don’t have to invest in paper, because the book is printed on high quality paper.

Lettering my own piece

My favourite part in the book was the second chapter, about creative lettering. It had a couple of inspiring techniques for lettering, which I was excited to try.

A Smooth Sea Never Made for A Skilled Driver - illustrated quote

A Smooth Sea Never Made for A Skilled Driver - illustrated quote

I also found some inspiration in the third part of the book, about lettering on chalkboard. I didn’t want to mess around with chalk though, but I created a black & white piece inspired by the look.

Never Judge a Book By Its Movie - hand lettered quote with a chalk on blackboard feeling

Win your own copy of Creatief Handletteren

BBNC was nice enough to sent me not one, but two copies of Creatief Handletteren & meer to give away. I’m giving one copy away on the blog, the other one is up for grabs on my Instagram account. If you want to double your chances, you can of course participate on both platforms. So, what do you need to do to win a copy of Creatief Handletteren & meer? Quite simple, go down to the comment section below and tell me what your favourite quote is. If you have a story about why that quote in particular is a favourite and you want to share it, please do! If you want to an extra chance to win a copy, head to my Instagram profile and participate in the give-away there too. Good luck everyone!

This give-away is sponsored by BBNC publishers. All opinions stated in this article are my own and are not influenced by the publisher. The give-away is open to all residents of Belgium and the Netherlands. Give-away ends October 1st, 2016. Winner will be contacted by e-mail.

July Favourites
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July favourites

July Favourites

It’s already the end of August and I’m just now posting my July favourites. It doesn’t make them any less my favourites though. I drew them during my 30 day creativity challenge, which is another post I still need to write and publish. But heck, better later than never, no? So here are my favourites of July.

  1. My new Fjällräven Kanken backpack! I love this backpack so much. I’d love to use it everyday and if it wasn’t for having to transport my laptop I probably would. The bright yellow colour makes me instantly happy when I look at it and I have a couple of Pony People patches that would fit it perfectly.
  2. I got myself a shiny Midori ruler in brass. When we were on our quick Paris citytrip in April I almost got it at Merci. It was pricey and I was jobless, so I decided to wait. Now I found it in a local shop in Ghent (ok, to be honest, I asked them to order it and now they sell them). It’s so fancy and sturdy and it finds my handmade faux-dori journal perfectly.
  3. July was a month of new stationary supplies. I also got myself a new fountain pen, after I got fed up with the leaking my old one did. It’s a very nice silver Waterman pen I found at a discount. It writes so smooth (even though it’s not a specialist pen for lefties, but it works perfectly).
  4. We got some very nice pink antique wineglasses. They look very pretty, although I feel like they’re a bit too nice and special to use every day. I also don’t drink much wine, so I don’t have a lot of opportunities to use them. Still, they make me happy when I see them.
  5. There’s already a whole blogpost dedicated to this, but in July I got into listening to podcasts. I made a list of my favourites podcasts, of which My Favourite Murder is my absolute favourite.
  6. After rearranging all my living room furniture and accessories I crated a small semi-jungle on top of the crates. I absolutely adore this arrangement, it’s so cute.

I hope you enjoyed this small collection of July favourites. What were your favourites in July (or August)?

28 in 28 birthday list
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28 in 28 birthday list [update 3]

It’s been a couple of months since my last update on my 28 in 28 birthday list, so it’s high time for a new update. These lasts months have been so incredibly busy. Thinking back on how much free time I had as a student, I definitely didn’t imagine working on personal projects and goals in my free time would get so hard. That being said, I’m making progress with some things that haven been on my to do list for years!

28 in 28 - Citytrip Rotterdam 28 in 28 - Citytrip Rotterdam

Read ten classics (either in English or Dutch) (2/10)

So far I’ve read The Stranger by Albert Camus and Crow by  Ted Hughes. I’m itching to start reading Peter Pan, but I find it very hard to make time for reading. It seems like there are so much things I’d rather do before falling asleep. At the moment I try to let it slide and to not stress about it, because I value getting relaxed at the end of the evening too much.

Go on five citytrips in 2016 (4/5)

I went on my fourth city trip in August. This time I went to Rotterdam with the Boy. We only went for two days, but it was enough to explore the city a bit and to get some hard earned relaxation. Rotterdam was really different from the normal city trip cities we explored before. It has no medieval historical centre and lots of modern and experimental architecture, which made walking around the city very interesting.

28 in 28 - Become a inhabitant of Ghent

Reach my 2016 blog goals

Another goal on the 28 in 28 birthday list I’m not trying to fret about, although things clearly haven’t gone well these past months. I rarely manage to get a blogpost published, although I write them and I take pictures. Just bringing the two together into a finished post is something I don’t get to. I should figure out an after work schedule so I can get to all the different things I want to do, but that’s not something I see myself do in the next weeks. Again, no stress, we’ll see where this goes.

Becoming an official inhabitant of Ghent (a Ghentian)

It took a while, but after patiently waiting for two months I finally got to change the address on my ID to Ghent, which, after living here for eight years, maybe wasn’t that long of a wait.

28 in 28 - Navigate the waterways in Ghent

Navigate the waterways in Ghent

In June I got a mail from the lovely people of Walkie Talkie asking me if I was interested in a concert by Zimmerman on a boat during the Gentse Feesten. I immediately replied I was interested, because who doesn’t love an acoustical session of a band while navigating on the water? It was as perfect as I imagined, with the sun shining, champagne and both good music and good company. I never imagined I’d be able to cross this point off my 28 in 28 birthday list this way (I thought I would need to hire myself a boat and steer it and pay for it). Sometimes life throws you a nice juicy bone and all you can do is be grateful for it and enjoy it completely. Which I did.

See 28 new (to me) movies

I haven’t been watching a lot of new movies. We went to see Finding Dory and also saw Zootopia. The only other film I watched in the past months is Elysium, bringing the total number of new movies to 10. Which is a bit disappointing. This doesn’t mean I haven’t watched anything new recently. We’ve watched to a couple of seasons of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and recently I started watching Freaks and Geeks and got back into Penny Dreadful. With so much new series I need to discover and so much awesome content out there (I discovered Netflix), I think I’ll just binge watch series for the rest of the year.

28 in 28 - Getting my driver's license

Get my driver’s license

GUYS! I did it! I’m so happy I could cross this one of my 28 in 28 birthday list! After what feels like a century (but in reality is a decade), I finally got my driver’s license. I did my exam the last week before my theoretical exam would invalid and I past from the first time. Boom! I still don’t like driving, I’m not sure I ever will like it. I distrust every other driver on the road and I still feel anxious when I think about it (although less so when I’m actually driving a car). On the plus side: there’s a whole bunch of shops I can drive to now, without needing the Boy to chaperone me.

Get a tattoo

Getting a tattoo has been on a couple of these lists in the past years. I wanted one since for-ever, but finding a design that really fits me and the right artist (and not to mention the money) to actually get one wasn’t easy. I still don’t have a tattoo and I’ll probably wont get on this year, but I did find my artist and I am getting an appointment. The inking part will probably follow in april 2017. Still a long time away, but I guess I can wait a few months more.

So, that’s it for this update. After seven months of working on my 28 in 28 birthday list I managed to cross off only four points. Which isn’t good. But if I look at my list and at how little spare time I have, I have to conclude my past self was slightly delusional. That being said, I still have five more months to get things going, so I’m not giving up yet (although I am thinking of changing up things next year).